Have you ever thought why we feel the need to give our children things we never had, rather than teaching them what we never knew?





As founder Michael B Moore of SkyThanks I like this philosophy because when we look at it, the informative platforms that technology has given us, our quest for knowledge is now reached with more accuracy and in record time.

In my Dad’s lifetime, he would rely on available books, mountains of encyclopaedia’s, radio then TV news broadcasts for knowledge of world events both past and present. However today, thanks to the likes of google, we can search anything “on line”, as a result there are no more family debates at our dinner table, with google being the ultimate referee.

Unfortunately, my dad is no longer with us and those who taught and influenced me have moved, making google my link to the world and beyond. I know my dad had a lot of knowledge, life’s experience, that he would have liked to pass down to me, and I remember talking about life and sharing visions for the future as well as experiences from the past. Like most of us he had dreams to write a book, but sadly ran out of time, and never achieved all his dreams.

Below are the story and inspiration of how we came up with SkyThanks the platform that is designed to capture real moments so that the love lives on.

My 10-year-old daughter with her intense curiosity asked me some serious questions about life, filled with confidence I started to answer drawing from my “classroom of life” and without thinking started on a verbal vomit. Now like any young 10-year-old girl, she started to lose interest and bailed on me! Leaving me right in the middle of my ‘Obama’ speech as she walked back into her bedroom.

So, after another lesson learned, I reflected on what if this was my last day and my daughter was too young to learn? How could I help fuel her thirst for knowledge, encourage her to grow, and flatter her adventurous spirit? As a responsible parent my job to support my daughter in the teenage years, give advice on boyfriends, getting her first job, celebrating milestones like marriage, starting a family, and so on, which is paramount! With my mind racing and the thought that every one of us has something to teach: “everyone has value” and something to offer, resulted in me questioning the way we are taught to leave an inheritance and how this could be improved. You hear about people leaving wealth, which obviously helps however, this doesn’t teach our children how to build a future for themselves, so what if we could leave wisdom for our loved ones here and in the future?

SkyThanks is that platform where you don’t just leave your “assets” in your will, SkyThanks is a platform that helps you leave your “will of knowledge” or venturing 60 your “will of wisdom”.

Our goal in SkyThanks is to be that safe trusted platform where our users, respects, and privacy is the top priority no one internally/externally can see any one’s time capsules without being granted any viewer access by our all-important user, so it’s important that you get your affairs in order as we will stand by the users and our platform is set for users wishes, requests.

SkyThanks platform is a Time Capsule Customizer.  It has features where you control who sees your post, thoughts, and memories for now or in the future. For example, MY LIFETIME CAPSULE enables you to leave a lifetime of wisdom and personal messages, that can only be seen when you are no longer around and can only be opened by those you have given permission to view.

Setting your time capsule to GENERAL will enable everyone to see your content or by selecting PERSONAL only those friends and family you choose will be able to view.

Go one step further and explore COUNTDOWN! This feature found within your Digital Time Capsule sends messages into the future, a birthday card to celebrate that milestone set for 2050 or a compilation of a life well lived. Imagine receiving a message in letter form saying how proud they were of you from someone you Loved that is no longer around or a video message sharing how they dealt with tough times, wouldn’t that be inspiring.


- Celebrating your life.

Written by:

Michael B Moore (founder of SkyThanks)


Wisdom and shared memories are the best inheritance that children will cherish down the line, even if you may think that your life experiences from a different era are no longer relevant. Thanks to our modern digital world, you do not need a shoebox full of old movie and concert tickets to look back on the most incredible time of your life to share those with loved ones. With a digital time capsule, you can commemorate all your cherished memories and compile them with your current baby milestones.

Why Create A Digital Time Capsule?

A collection of digital time capsules and photo albums teach children the importance of creating memories from the day they are born. You can set an example to show them that frozen moments in time are far more valuable than all the toys and items you amass throughout the years. What would you rather save during a crisis? An expensive wine glass set or photos of your child’s first steps? By creating a digital photo album with SkyThanks, you can preserve the most memorable timeline and inspire your children through vivid snapshots as though they are inheriting a time machine to re-live every meaningful moment.

Be Creative Together As A Family

With MY TIME CAPSULE, you can upload all types of digital posts and thoughts together as a fun family activity. This is an exceptionally unique way of letting your kids freely express themselves. If they say something funny or sing a hilarious nursery rhyme, record a video and upload it to your digital time capsule. Your children can use this phenomenal opportunity to discover what is most important in their lives and why those things are worth looking back on decades from now. Instead of losing these precious memories, you can inspire them to share your family histories with your grandchildren as well, so that your collection of love continues to spread indefinitely from one generation to the next.

Witness A Change In Time

The world is always changing around us, and we forget how fast this happens. One moment your child could be running gleefully during their first snowfall, and the next, you are dropping them off at college. Most parents feel that their children grow up too fast because old memories keep shifting further back into our minds to make room for new ones. However, with a SkyThanks digital time capsule, you can collect both old and new and store them all in one place to cherish for eternity. Store all your baby milestones, graduations, birthdays, theme park adventures, and so much more on a single platform to keep revisiting them as many times as you prefer. Imagine how delighted the entire family would be celebrating Christmas, Diwali, Idul Fitri or Buddha day 20 years from now to find out that while many may have forgotten, you kept all their special moments in a platform that defines the meaning of forever.

Plan Your Children’s Future Together

Growing up is inevitable because time never stops. It is always a scary feeling seeing yourself and your kids get older as each year passes by. However, the moments you spend together to make all that dread worthwhile because it shows that you really lived and made the most of every minute together. Even if your child wants to be a superhero in the future, encourage them from an early age to think about their goals and help them plan each step to achieve these. Then you can start uploading those goals on your digital time capsule to show them how their thought process and aspirations transformed with age.

When your child graduates from university and you are beaming with pride while taking more family photos, open the time capsule to show them how their dreams evolved and led them to their chosen career. These are things that many people forget unless we write everything down and keep those diaries safely. This is always a risk because your family may move houses or relocate abroad, and physical items often get lost somehow. You will never have to worry about risking your digital time capsule because it is always there to remember your lives forever. Even if you lose touch for a while when older children leave the nest, you can keep uploading and sharing your day-to-day musings to embrace all the changes you have gone through as a loving family that will always be there for each other no matter what.

A SkyThanks digital photo album will help you preserve all the time that keeps slipping through your fingers as you watch your children grow and make a significant difference in the world, all because of your wisdom. Whether you want to recall a funny moment when they were running in the mud as toddlers or a fond memory of their first school talent show, the world is your oyster, so make it theirs too.