What age should kids be able to access social media?

What age should kids be able to access social media?

Many people, including myself, hesitate to ask the difficult question, “how do I leave a loved one a message once my presence no longer graces this world?” because none of us want to think about the inevitable.

However, I often ask myself how a child may wish to receive a message from their dad or mum. Would a single sentence evoke a sense of peace and happiness to ease their mourning? After careful consideration, the sentence I would like to hear the most from my own is “I am proud of you.”

Reflecting upon this pipe dream sends a surge of emotions picturing my own dad saying these words. Unlike many others, I was blessed to have heard him speak those to me during his last days before departing. I suppose this provides a great deal of validation, especially if you hold someone in the highest esteem because they worked extremely hard to keep it all together even though some marriages do not work out for the best.

Every parent must fulfil a duty of feeling proud. Leaving behind these words of compassion and wisdom for your children to hear, no matter their stage of life can empower them to take on the world.

As a parent of two sons under the age of 12 and a daughter, I founded SkyThanks to gift my adoration and affection through meaningful communications so that my pride in my children can live on forever. I wanted to make sure that they can always access these endearing messages to remind themselves how their father will always be with them.

One of the key features of the SkyThanks platform is that users can create an account for kids under 12 to their main one. This way, once you upload your content in the form of videos, photos, e-cards, or any necessary documents for your kids, you can nominate them or their guardian as a next of kin.

This allows them access to your digital time capsule to connect with you even after you are gone. With this function, I was able to send 3 different “I am proud of you” messages separately to my children by personalizing their own individual digital time capsules. This way, they all had their own gifts from dad to hold onto when life takes them their separate ways.

As a SkyThanks user, you can create different digital time capsules for both public and private viewing. This gives you the option of choosing a “Personal” digital will for the entire family, or “For my life,” that can only be accessed by your all-important children and no one else when you are no longer around.

With SkyThanks’s “Add under 12” star feature, you can create accounts for your children and allocate each one individually using customized settings so that your messages never get interfered with or compromised by anyone outside the people you gift this privileged access to.

Therefore, before you start, write down 3 points that make you proud of your children and time cap them with SkyThanks today so that your love always lives on long past your absence.

Here is a guide to help:

  1. Create a theme surrounding the message that means most to you. For example, “I am proud of you.”
  2. Write down 3 points you want your overall theme to express.
  3. Select a beautiful video backdrop before recording your heartfelt message, securely.

- Celebrating your life.

Written by:

Michael B Moore (founder of SkyThanks)

The act of leaving digital final messages for family and friends is a blessing, even though thinking about the end of our lives is never easy. When it comes to the people we love, no one wants to end up with words left unsaid when there is not enough time left. Although it is challenging to know the right things to store in a digital time capsule to assure people of your affection and spare their future pain, it is better to provide these communications to help them cope with grief and feel supported, even if you are not around.

Creating a digital time capsule is about focusing on the people who will be left behind in the world so that life continues for them with your love and support. Your virtual presence can strengthen them in their time of need to reassure them that they are not alone, even if it may feel that way on some days. You are celebrating life in a unique way long after it is gone, and your children can be reminded of your vulnerability to know the real you by hearing those last words knowing that they genuinely came from the bottom of your heart just for them. This way, your family will not have to go through the stress of digging up old memories from boxes in the attic because all those will be stored in a digital will that they can also pass onto the next generation.

SkyThanks users can upload any messages, photos, and videos for decades down the line, and these digital assets are stored so they can be played for years in the future. This is now possible thanks to technology and living at a time where it takes only a couple of minutes to record special moments to last beyond a lifetime. Your life wishes can be kept as a digital will, which is more heartfelt and personable to gift loved ones instead of only leaving behind formal documents or letters with a family lawyer. SkyThanks acts as a virtual vault of memories waiting for those who mean the world to you to focus on your pride and compassion rather than you not being there.

A digital will is meaningful and exceptional, especially if your family members are receptive to have a keepsake to hold onto. A few pictures or videos do not need to be enough when you can create an entire collection of moments to help a loved one cope with the grieving process to cherish the happier times than the sad ones. You can record videos and assign them for special dates or events and even upload meaningful advice as audio or text. This platform becomes a virtual version of you to provide solace even if no one can replace being able to listen, hear, or see you in person. It is always better to spend a lifetime creating these digital memories to express your true desires and feelings for each person instead of leaving things till the last minute when you may not have enough time to put those thoughts together because none of us can ever know when the clock stops ticking.

When death draws closer, we often feel the need to reach out to the people we love most. This can be because we want to show gratitude, ask for forgiveness, or even express our unconditional love one last time. However, since death comes so unexpectedly, we are never truly ready, and a lot of emotions and fears could hold us back from saying the things we want to from the bottom of our hearts. Your SkyThanks digital will can be a memento for adult children or a gift for a baby. The main purpose is that even in your happiest moments, you can avoid leaving anything unsaid using this advanced technology to create the perfect farewell messages to make everybody feel comforted and at ease. Final goodbyes are as crucial for you as they are for the bereaved, and it should never be too late to share your feelings and say everything deep within your heart while thanking those closest to you for a lifetime of love.

SkyThanks can encourage you to say your last words in the present while living your life to the fullest. This can help you realize that the things you say and do today mean more than the messages themselves because others will see your joy and emotions during the special occasions you want everybody to remember for the rest of their lives. Your digital will is an open book where each chapter can be everything you need it to be for all the people who make life worth living. This will always be 100% secure so that no one ever loses their precious memories of you and can always look back and have a smile on their face again, all thanks to you.