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Secure communication is when two entities are communicating and do not want a third party to listen in.

If you are really lukewarm on social networking but very into privacy like myself, you may just want to skip reading about how to make your social media accounts as private as possible and just deactivate all those people or strangers accounts you connected with as you thought why not? Let’s be friends 😃.

Cybersecurity is one of the most important aspects to learn if you want to make your social media accounts as private as possible.

And let’s admit it: it’s hard to imagine living without social media, especially for people with family members or close friends that live away from home. The good news is that there are some ways to help protect your privacy and mitigate the risk while using social media.

SkyThanks is one of the most digital time SkyThanks software, for capturing your best moments and as Founder of SkyThanks, our platform does have some elements of the bells and whistles that social media platforms have however taken it one step further.

Are you thinking about leaving your kids your legacy?  SkyThanks platform is a simple to use, quick fast, and secure place to collate memories and secure communications. 

SkyThanks allows you to send digital time capsules of happy moments, memories, and much more to your loved ones now or in the future depending on your settings and wants.

SkyThanks is one of the most digital photo album software, for capturing your best moments and as a SkyThanks user, you can create different digital time capsules for both public and private.

If it is a private viewing it allows your digital time capsule to connect with your family or close friends even after you are gone. With this function, I was able to send 3 different “I am proud of you” messages separately to my children by personalizing their own individual digital time capsules. Mobile digital diary app helps you to archive and document your digital will and testament and this way, they all had their own gifts from dad to hold onto when life takes them their separate ways.

A good way to make your social media accounts as private as possible is to limit the number of people who can search you up. This is true for both search engine users and platform users.

Knowing that privacy settings still have their limits should tell you a lot about how to behave online.

Sketchy people are not people who you should allow to follow you on any account you own. If you have people in your life who keep approaching you online, learning how to block people on each platform can help add a nice layer of privacy.

Limit your friends.

You’re not obliged to accept everyone who sends you a friend request. You might argue that social media was meant for making friends and connecting with people, but it is not advisable to connect with total strangers. Keep in mind that your list of friends will have access to information that you don’t normally want the public to know, so make sure you know your friends. Don’t hesitate to reject connection or friend requests from users you don’t know or have dodgy profiles. Review your friends list regularly and unfriend those who you don’t know.

Our goal in SkyThanks is to be that safe trusted platform where our users, respects and privacy is the top priority no one internally/externally can see any ones digital time capsules without being granted any viewer access by our all-important user, so it’s important that you get your affairs in order as we will stand by the users and our platform is set for users wishes, requests.

Our digital time capsule wraps up

With social media becoming a very important tool for communication, it is becoming harder to stay private and keep your personal information safe. Hopefully, the tips above can help you protect your privacy online while enjoying the benefits of social media. It might be a good idea to receive additional, be aware of all possible threats and how to be protected against them.

If you’re trying to
solve this problem of not knowing what your kids will get from you?
download the SkyThanks app free and Time cap it with SkyThanks


- Celebrating your life.

Written by:

Michael B Moore (founder of SkyThanks)

Why Create A Digital Time Capsule?

A collection of digital time capsules and photo albums teach children the importance of creating memories from the day they are born. You can set an example to show them that frozen moments in time are far more valuable than all the toys and items you amass throughout the years. What would you rather save during a crisis? An expensive wine glass set or photos of your child’s first steps? By creating a digital photo album with SkyThanks, you can preserve the most memorable timeline and inspire your children through vivid snapshots as though they are inheriting a time machine to re-live every meaningful moment.

Be Creative Together As A Family

SkyThanks is one of the most digital diary app for android, for capturing your best moments and with MY TIME CAPSULE, you can upload all types of digital posts and thoughts together as a fun family activity. This is an exceptionally unique way of letting your kids freely express themselves. If they say something funny or sing a hilarious nursery rhyme, record a video and upload it to your digital time capsule.

Mobile digital diary app for android, helps you to archive and document your digital will and testament.

Your children can use this phenomenal opportunity to discover what is most important in their lives and why those things are worth looking back on decades from now. Instead of losing these precious memories, you can inspire them to share your family histories with your grandchildren as well, so that your collection of love continues to spread indefinitely from one generation to the next.

Witness A Change In Time

SkyThanks is one of the most digital diary app for Apple, for capturing your best moments The world is always changing around us, and we forget how fast this happens. One moment your child could be running gleefully during their first snowfall, and the next, you are dropping them off at college. Mobile digital diary app for Apple, helps you to archive and document your digital will and testament Most parents feel that their children grow up too fast because old memories keep shifting further back into our minds to make room for new ones.

Mobile digital time capsule application helps you to archive and document your digital will and testament and with a SkyThanks digital time capsule, you can collect both old and new and store them all in one place to cherish for eternity.

Mobile digital diary software application helps you to archive and document your digital will and testament, store all your baby milestones, graduations, birthdays, theme park adventures, and so much more on a single platform to keep revisiting them as many times as you prefer. Imagine how delighted the entire family would be celebrating Christmas, Diwali, Idul Fitri or or Buddha day 20 years from now to find out that while many may have forgotten, you kept all their special moments in a platform that defines the meaning of forever.

Are bucket lists really a good idea? It can be useful to have defined goals, of course, but the lists seem to encourage a strange blend of highly individualized behavior and conformity, a situation in which everyone is hurtling, alone, towards similar goals and at this stage a lot of us have travelled and captured moments in exotic countries, eaten local cuisines we would never try at home at SkyThanks we have.