Capture that generation recipe that just keeps giving

Okay, I admit, I LOVE FOOD. I’m from a family where EVERYONE loves cooking, and if you can imagine growing up in a Greek/Scottish family, food was plentiful and diverse.

With every special occasion that recipe that has been passed down from generation to generation is concocted with taste sensations linking back to memories of family laughter, children playing, rivalry between cousins and the smells of homemade dishes to ease rumbling tummies.

Remember that home cooked meal made with love by mum who appeared intently focussed as she chopped and stirred, or remember when on occasions, the siblings were left creating our own inventions that naturally got everyone excited around the dinner table. 

I think all of us have a dish that sends the dinner table quiet as everyone’s taste buds dance with excitement every time it’s served.

Coming from European heritage, my mum’s most memorable dish was “Avgolemono SOUP” a Greek dish that has now become one of our favorite childhood dishes. Still today I have never tasted anything as sweet, sour, and salty – it’s just brilliant. Surprisingly, this yummy, Greek chicken soup was passed down through 10 generations like from the Nona’s, grandmas, and in my case the Yaya’s to the children and grandchildren.

In reflection, I haven’t made this dish for my children. My mum loves cooking this for all of us though and there is something about home cooking that makes me want to just sit back and enjoy the entire family dining experience. However, I have made sure I do have the recipe, so one day, my time will come and I will pass down this hearty soup to loved ones and friends.

As founder of SkyThanks, I wanted to make sure those family treasures are captured and passed down so the family tradition can live on!  With our own family, we have followed those health remedies that we now swear by, remedies like how to get the baby to sleep at night, or soothe a cold with traditional soup – two of many that we want to share for longevity, after all, they have worked for generations. 

For everything special to you “TIME Cap it” with SkyThanks and start sharing to build a great foundation with family and friends. See the future evolve and again shared for generations to come.

If you’re trying to solve this problem of not knowing what your kids will get as far as your legacy goes?  Then download the SkyThanks app free and be the first to send a digital time capsule.

Are you children getting that generation meal that just keeps giving? 

Are Fast Foods, food deliveries slowly eating into that good old fashioned home-cooked meal?

Homemade meals usually supply fewer calories, fats, sugars, and sodium than most fast foods. With your busy life, you might find it easier and faster to grab fast food on your way home from work. But this convenience comes at a price. Research has shown that homemade meals tend to be healthier than takeaway. 29 Dec 2018

Mobile digital time capsule application helps you to archive and document your digital will and testament 

SkyThanks is one of the most traditional values, for capturing your best recipes, when was the last time you had a truly special home-cooked meal where you left the table changed,

We need more of these sacred meals.

SkyThanks helps you to archive and document your digital will and testament and how it plays an important role in all religious celebrations—from Eid to Chinese New Year to the humble Christmas dinner. Notice how our happiest memories often revolve around it—whether birthdays, weddings, or BBQs with friends. In an age of work lunch take away or easy processed food mock-ups, I wonder if we’re in danger of losing something here. 

Good meals bring a family closer, heck I even left my friends as I knew what was on offer for dinner that night, so capturing a few key ingredients can lift families out of the ordinary.

Taste buds 

Mobile digital traditional values application, helps you to archive and document your digital will and testament and flavor is one of them! 😃 

Look at the traditional dishes served over Eid: lamb korma, beef biryani, stuffed dates, baklava. Yum cha and special fried rice comes out as we celebrate that “year of the rat”, and each Christmas I get one of my favourite festive foods—“Avgolemono SOUP” plus mums famous roast turkey stuffing 

Festive foods are rich and sensuous and bring back memories and moments SkyThanks is one of the most digital time capsules, for capturing your best moments of traditional values and recipes 

With food landscapes and the food culture of many regions around the world-changing on a physical level – with different crops being planted.

SkyThanks is one of the most digital records, for capturing your best moments eating food that has been passed down from generation to generation. Food has always been an important part of one’s identity. Like learning your mother tongue, children learn to eat and like the foods of their society. People celebrate and take pride in their local recipes and food traditions.

Even as people move across the world, they take their recipes with them. Mobile digital record application, helps you to archive and document your digital will and testament.